Facing the challenge of supporting public sector

Local Authority Challenge

Local councils have delivered a level of innovation and efficiency which is unsurpassed in any sphere or business sector.


However, the challenge is not behind us - everyone expects the funding challenge to continue to 2020 - and beyond. So how do local councils continue to deliver efficiencies while maintaining service levels?


Private Sector Challenge

System implementers and consulting organisations have supported local councils in delivering the innovation and new ways of working that have underpinned the excellence of their achievements over recent years.

The challenge now is to understand how to continue to engage with councils to help support their progress.

What we offer

  • Large scale organisational transformation/ change planning, design and implementation
  • Service reviews and service change design and implementation
  • Commercialisation and procurement advice and guidance
  • Market assessment and guidance
  • Leadership mentoring/ development and strategy session facilitation
  • Develop new revenue streams and commercial models


How we can help

  • Deep market knowledge
  • Market assessment
  • Specific transformation design and implementation
  • Flexible capacity and expertise
  • Help support the creation and investment in new delivery and commercial models



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